All who enter here …


Who would expect a Granny to travel half-way around the world?

Why not? TOS rhymes with AUS.

And why is that significant?
A long story … Granny is looking for an agent for that one.

So what is a TOS? Some sort of agreement … Sort of like a disclaimer … Granny might prefer to say something along the lines of … “If you don’t like my stew and my tea and my cookies … Well then leave my table and keep out of my kitchen.”

Granny however is a polite little old dear. So what she does is send you to a page that pretty well says the same thing … Not so long-winded that you won’t have the time and energy to read and Granny doesn’t believe in having tripwires hidden all around her house … Just a short simple TOS.

Now the journey really begins as any good journey might.

With stories of mothers who were once daughters of mothers who were once daughters of … And on and on back through those cracks in time where the women were allowed just a bit of freedom to be what the world would otherwise never allow them to be.

Seldom ever told are the stories hidden within these cracks in time, not even to their daughters … Hardly ever to their mothers. But mothers and daughters both know these stories although they might never speak the words that tell the stories because such words would only cause pain.

Stories from the spaces between are called Interstitial, so I’ve been told.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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