Jobs for Grannies targeted-initiative-older-worker

See you May 2015 in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada



Hoooooo hoooooo … Heeeee… Heeeee … Harrrrr harrrrr heeeeeeeee ……

Just kidding

Fine print? Uhn uhn …. Dangerous to look at … Too obscene for any self-respecting Granny to view and rmain calm.

So … Tell me George … Where are they going to store all those Tasers?

Well … The guns they are going to need when the Grannies discover yet another bogus scheme to promote what appears at first glance to be offering help to older workers … Well … The grannies are too smart … Those who are left standing …
The Grannies have been down that road so many times before … Thew well know that it is only the certain people who will actually qualify to win this new batch of job creation for the Chosen Ones.

New? Oh no it is not a new idea … Been going on since the sixties that this Granny knows of. Maybe longer …

Ok so what do we do? Whooooo …
What is Granny’s Eco omic Program?

Help Granny build a factory.
If each donor buys just one machine and dotates it to Granny … Guess what! Before you know it Granny will have enough machinery to fill her factory.
Then Granny can hire a whole bunch of workers and supervisors and experts and on and on … Imagine all the jobs!
CEO … COO … CFO … Tee hee … You are joking?

What sort of factory? How about shoes? Everybody needs shoes.

Teacups too?

Granny's Plan is about transparency

Granny’s Plan is about transparency

So where do you go to buy the machines for Granny’s factory


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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