Peace in the Valley

The Eureka Notion


A woman senior is especially vulnerable.
100% of 0 is 0. That appears to be how the world has balanced her worth.


Yeah ... Though she walk through the Valley of Death ... All evil surrounding the Granny will just melt into the background.


hmmmm ... That how it goes George ... Well Ok so I might have changed the words somewhat.

It is that time of year again, George ... Cold ... Dark ...

The Granny will soon be house-bound. Cabin fever? Some might call it that. It is the whole dismal attitude of everyone else scurrying about their own business, getting all dressed up and going to Christmas parties and Granny spending most of her time alone.

Christmas gifts too are a problem for Granny ... She used to love making simple little gifts. These days everybody wants either expensive gifts or violent games or sleazy clothes or money.

Even something like grocery shopping becomes a challenge at this time of year.

Every time she goes out to shop she gets pushed and shoved to the back of the line by people who are aggressive ... Then when she finally gets to the cash she is usually ignored by the cashier who suddenly turns her back on the Granny to have a conversation with the clerk at another cash. If she were able to pick up a wee bit of gossip from all these conversations it might not be so bad but for some reason the clerks and cashiers always speak in a language that Granny neither speaks nor understands. Then the clerk, still without looking at her, still talking to someone else, passes Granny her change and turns to the next customer in line.

Is Granny invisible? Why do they not look at her ... Why do they not smile and treat her like someone special ... As they once did when she was young and ever so lovely? Why do they treat her like she is invisible?

That is what hurts the most. Being invisible ... Like somehow they are letting her know that she already has one foot in that Valley and it's good riddance old bag.

So Granny stops going out to shop and her family says it's because she is getting too old and cranky and no longer is interested in making an effort to live a normal life.

Granny muses on the word 'normal'. Is that one of those chameleon words, Granny wonders.

While everyone else is making plans to go South for the winter, Granny will be left home alone because after all who wants to take an old Granny on vacation. Maybe this year Granny should get together with another old Granny or two and they could take their own vacation.

but could Granny do it? What about the planning? The Money? Would this be safe? And really ... What is Granny to say when people start asking "Do you know the way to San Jose?"
Maybe ... But Hmmmmm why does that remind me of an old 60s song

Where how when ... first California ... Then Granny does her world tourThe Silk Road ... that is where Granny would go next. She would take a journey along the silk road.

To be continued ...


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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