Circle of Life … Economic life that is

Customers are needed to support businesses
Without customers businesses cannot survive

We interrupt to bring you …. The following …
This is an unpaid non-political advertisement.

Invest in good.

Get a good job

The jobs are going? going? gone?
Businesses closing down?

People need jobs?
Workers need businesses?
Businesses need workers?
Businesses need customers?
Customers need products?

Businesses are needed to supply goods and service
Without businesses there are no goods and service

So … If a community wants to have a flourishing business district, It looks like
People need to become customers

Customers are needed to support businesses
Without customers businesses cannot survive

People become customers when they have money to support businesses which in turn supply customers with products and service and hire people as workers. Without customer support, businesses shut down and there are fewer jobs for workers.

Workers (People or robots) are needed in businesses
Businesses need workers to keep functioning

Businesses need to hire people.
People need to become customers
Customers need to support businesses
Businesses need to be profitable

Hmmmm … the Circle of economy …

Heard any good economist jokes lately?


Chicks, Eggs and Economy

 … About bible study and mental illness … Do they mate well do you think? … Ok George … Forget it … Yes yes I heard you … And yes I do recall being taught something about avoiding certain topics … Like religion, sex and politics … 

But George wasn’t that old rule thrown out along with those silly old books … You know … with odd, old-fashioned notions … Well? … Such as etiquette … Morals … Errr ethics probably … Then there was this foolishness called protocol … Remember … When people were forced to have respect for their flag.

Nowadays George if you are drawn to any of these things … 
Ethics George … Mostly ethics is what I am talking about …

Well … You really can’t blame people if they consider you sub-normal?
Is that what you really think?

Errr … When did ethics get pushed to that netherworld beyond the norm? … Well George  … Regarded as Abnormal in plain-speak …

Do you really wish for me to be blunt? Nowadays people who bring up such topic as ethics …. They are considered to be … Well cough cough … 

Embarrassed? Why would I be embarrassed to say it George?

Mentally ill George … Yes the illness with a thousand faces.  Almost everyone these days can be diagnosed with some sort of mental illness … Hmmm it’s what they call the new norm George. 

Even better than laws against petty crime … As for more serious sins … Really relieves stress on the court system … No need for trials  or expensive lawyers … Just lock the sinners up. 

Everybody has something to confess … Some little quirk of originality … I know the schools and teachers are working hard George … Doing their best to train the kids to group think.  

The mental health system? I’m glad you asked George.

As the typical radio  interview might express …  it’s good for the economy … What can I tell you … Go to your doctor … Get certified as mentally ill and you have a nice little pension check coming in on a regular basis … Imagine George … all that money going into the economy.

I am trying my best to be polite George …  Sarcasm? Who me? you ask me to be frank with you? Well … I guess I could try … But I warn you George … You might not like what I have to say …

Despite all the outside-the-boxness reality shifts of the last decade or so … Originality and independant thought is really not acceptable.  You can be as bizarre as you wish as long as you are not a social activist trying to do something foolish like trying to save the world … After all look what happened to John Lennon … 

That was a warning George … No I really am not into conspiracy George … Has nothing to do with conspiracy … Has to do with pointing out a prime example of someone who dared to be original and paid the ultimate price.

Well try as I might … I simply cannot resist one last little crack at it … 

You’ve surely come across the one about the chicken and the egg … You know where someone asks what comes first … The chicken or the egg … 

And we can talk on this all night … Night after night … Our whole lifetime … No George I am not off on another subject … Not at all.

Back to what I was saying  … Well before you shut me up George … 

I wished only to ask if you have ever thought about applying this chicken-egg idea to bible study and mental illness.  What comes first do you suppose?