Monday with the Georges

I am haunted by the infamous George Ryga.  Well since I am the only person I know who has ever heard of George Ryga … That is why I call him infamous.  You really don’t have to be a bad person to be infamous. All you need to be is not liked by your government.

George Ryga died rather young. Stomach cancer … That is what I heard.

The third George is George the artpiece … A real mystery … Both one and many at the same time.

Bill? Bill C-10 What does it have to do with art and Culture?

Ask yourself … With three Georges, do you really think we need another Maggie

The truth? About what is … Buried under the sign of the cross

Dark George? Did you say something about darkness?

A winter scene in Spring

White white SnowWhite where are you dear child? Another innocent buried?
Under the Sign of the Cross?


George Ryga believed in peace and worked for social justice. This impoverished son of Ukrainian immigrants grew up in Alberta, Canada and went on to become one of Canada’s greatest citizens.

How did Canada nurture this man who was to become such a fine Canadian and a hero to the Canadian Arts Community?

With so many Ukrainian immigrants in Canada, one might wonder why the family was so impoverished and why George Ryga struggled so hard to better himself.

The George Ryga Award honours this great Canadian.

George Ryga was an important Canadian playwright.;

The Harper is playing. Ahhh yes a mournful tune indeed.

It is such an ancient harp. Perhaps none but Brian Boru was ever meant to play it. But there is hope. At Trinity College. Upstairs in the library.

But the harp has no strings

Are female Journalists less important than their male counterparts?

Here is Jane Armstrong from Saskatchewan, Canada in 2011.
That might have been when she visited and wrote a story about Afghanistan.

There must still be some paid journalists. Otherwise, what would be the purpose of a Journalist Association?

No, I am not a member. As I already mentioned, I was unable to find employment in journalism, thus have no official credentials as a journalist. You might almost think of me as a dead journalist, aborted before my life in journalism could ever begin.

I gathered a great deal of experience by being a volunteer. However, volunteering as a journalist means that you don’t get paid so much as a free lunch or carfare. You often don’t even get to do the very interesting stuff. That’s in the perks package for Program Directors. They get to order around the volunteers, work on their union stuff on the side and collect a check.

Lady media

Mirror Mirror on the wall. …

Who is the finest hero of all?

The hero with so many faces … Well Reality has set in George … This old Granny well knew that it was bound to happen.

Has to do with living in Canada. No matter how good our tea … What it comes down to is that man cannot live on tea alone.
… in Canada … you need the Canadian stamp of approval.

So I’ve had to set aside my dreams … Again …

You know George … My dream about a rock opera.

I told you about my dream … With Johnny Depp as Brian Boru.

Well it is just not happening …

… and for the sound track? Ahhhh the dreamer dreams on … Bono and the boys … Sting as the farmer … Yes I do realize I’m sort of … Well I guess You might call me the little old soul from la Mancha.

Sometimes crazy dreams are all we have left.

The villian? No George, No villain, only heroes. Yes I still believe in heroes?

OK, I must admit I’ve never met any heroes. That doesn’t mean heroes don’t exist. Only in my mind? You really can be an old musty damp mop at times George.

I found a whole beautiful band of Heroes

Another day … Another chance to find some bit of beauty and peace and love. There really is a lot of goodness in all places on this earth. Maybe the reason we are not aware of it is because the gentle loving people are being pushed aside and their voices drowned out by bullies. Search for beauty will be my motto for today.

Already I have found something beautiful … A piece of writing which talks about sharing. So far I’ve had time to read only the first few pages which I find so beautifully attuned to my thinking that I wish to share this

And angels,George my friend. I found depictions of angels. Some have eyes with which to behold beauty.


2013 was a year I really didn’t have a lot to celebrate.

Canada … The days were getting colder and shorter. The time had arrived to think about going into hibernation for another long Canadian winter … Well it happens every year George.

2014? A Conference is always a welcome get-a-way … Again … The budget … Sigh … Been quite a few years without balmy palmy vistas.

This year is different George. This brand new year has brought a brand new attitude and I am trying harder than I have ever tried before to turn and walk away from the bullies and gossips.
I’ll just find something to do at home. Fund-raising really is not my strong area.

No George, I really am not bored …

Global Grannies? No
I am more interested in Grannies for Global Peace Group.

Cuppa Peace?
She spoke… Did anyone listen to her?

Does anyone, anywhere ever listen when the woman speaks?

Did she have a voice in 2002?

Did anyone listen in 2004?

Did anyone listen in 2005?

In 2006?

In 2007?

In 2008?

In 2009?

In 2010?

And that is not the last of Her Voice … It is barely the beginning.

So how does she get a voice? How does our Global Granny really really have a voice?
Does she begin to exercise her voice in her own community, in her own country? Does her community or country even want her?

George, are you having difficulty again? What exactly do you mean meant by Ararchy?
Emma? Who is Emma?

And why do you think Emma would be someone I would want to build a character after? George, I told you already. My rock opera has as many characters as I can deal with. I am no Tolstoy. I am not even remotely related to any Russian, past or present. No George, I have nothing against Russia or Russians.

Actually George, if you know any Russian Grannies …

Well … I suppose … No law says a Grannie Peace Group member has to be female, is there? Anyone can join the Granny Peace Group as long as they have the right attitude … Especially if they can sing … Especially if they sing a song like He’s My Brother

Ahhhhh! That is IT.

It might be true. Then again it might not be true.
How would I know? I am no expert.

Another might, might not …

Some party favour ops … Might, might not …

Hmmmm … How to call this one … From New Brunswick Media mogul monopoly … The Irving Word is …

might … Call this one Monopolopy

Click to access TJ%20Certainty%20sought%20in%20forest%20plan%20Jan3012.pdf

More party-op

This one … Hmmm it has possibilities … Manuf- op or Ameri-op

Might … Might not … Shame-op or tearjerker-op
No grass-roots that I see here. Environ-op is a big business these days.

People? Politicians? What on earth have they to do with Ecology?
Hmmm. So … Now it’s like this … In order to have any sort of Politic-op worth gathering steam for a real serious pension build, what is the one thing you must have? People, real live warm bodies that can vote and run and promise and detract and distract and cagole … Some might even be able to spell quite well, showing there are wise, discerning real people out there deciding what we should believe to be in our own best interests.
Thus we have People-op. And yes people do have much todo about Ecology.

Besides, without people, who would ever have dreamed up such an idea as Ecology?

It matters not how you spell. It is whether you are in the game.

About that suggestion …
Is there new news?

All that old stuff? Alward Government? Forestry? Irving? Forestry Plan? Coon? Politics? Well Granny just took out the duster and Swish … The bunnies were all gone … Just like that …

Real estate? Really George? And investments? And deals? Whose deals? Granny never made any deals. No silver crossed Granny’s palm, did it?

But what does all that have to do with love and peace and other Granny-stuff?

Besides all that investment and deal stuff and politics … it usually is about making … MONEY … and from past experience … Trickle down? … What ever trickles down? … You really are hilarious, George. Those Grannies … The older they get … You know the saying .. You know, George … The one about you canna fool all those Grannies all the time.

OK OK George!

If you insist … But this stuff is generally boring to Gannies … Well … Can we at least pretty it up a bit … Maybe add aposie or two?

🌸Gotta Love Canada

Gotta love New Brunswick

Money given to North-Eastern New Brunswick

Let’s take a look … Beresford
October 20, 2009

Discovery Drill Manufacturere (Ddm) Ltd
713 Rue Usine, Beresford, Canada
Mining Machinery and Equipment Manufacturing

Discovery Drill Manufacturers (Ddm) Ltd
2335 Sunset Dr, Bathurst, Canada
Industrial Machinery and Equipment Merchant Wholesalers


Gotta love the Maritimes

More government …

Is this what they call Sharing the wealth or Spreading the wealth?

What is considered valuable and worthy of notice and acclaim

30 May 2012

Tah dahhhhhh … Introducing …
the product


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