Today, May 16, 2014
Communication … so strange … What do I mean by S.O.P..?
What on earth might I be talking about?

Yesterday I used S.O.P. to mean Snake Oil Products. Today I discover that SOP also stands for Standard Operating Procedure.

Sometimes we despair … We fall … We pick ourselves up … We try again … Take “S.O.P.” … Yesterday “S.O.P.” was a convenient acronym made up on the spot for something I wanted to talk about. Why? To release some of the frustration over the many times over my life that I had been taken in by what I think of as the snake-oil salesmen. I am of the belief that this is the world’s oldest profession and far less honourable that the other. And it gets worse all the time. These last many years even our local small hometown newspapers have been running snakeoil ads. Unemployed people, good, honest and hard-working if they were given even half a chance – these are the victims. Day after day they scan the newspaper want-ads. There used to be dozens of ads in the help-wanted column. OK, so maybe they were not the greatest and best-paying jobs but at least they were real ads for real jobs. Nowadays all you see are links to websites that lead to some blurb at the end offering you fantastic savings if you will just sign-up today. Pay to get a job! How low has our world fallen that we are asked to pay someone to give us instructions on how we too can run ads to recruit the next generation of snakeoil salesmen! That is how it works, right down the line. It’s called a pyramid scheme, and I believe it should be illegal. I also believe that no respectable newspaper should be running these ads.

There are people in positions of power who are against a guaranteed liveable wage for those who are unemployed. They are not the ones who are so desperate for work that they will be taken in by these snakeoil ads.

That said, there is a another “SOP”. Never having been so fortunate as to be part of any of the elite groups that is paid to create or consult such a “SOP” I had been unaware of their existance until today.

Here is an example of SOP meaning Standard Operating Procedure


Wonder how to write a S.O.P.? Here  you go, Canada, from our friendly neighbour to the south:

Click to access g6-final.pdf


It seems that SOP might also be a group that might have played poker at some time …

Yesterday May 15, 2014

The latest S.O.P. scheme
Snake oil perfume will make you rich rich rich.
S.O.P. will get you there … Just trust S.O.P.!
Don’t depend on government to support you.
Pull yourself up by your own bootstraps.
Don’t have bootstraps?

Sign up for the S.O.P Bootstrap Program.
Sign up for the S.O.P guide.
The S.O.P. experts will take you to the richest scheme yet.
All you have to do is have faith.
Believe In the S.O.P. method.

Here is how it works:
You sign up. You fill out the application, giving S.O.P. as many details as you can about your life and your hopes and your dreams.
That way S.O.P. has the information it need to really get into your mind and promise you everything you ever thought you needed … Money … Money … Money … Confidence … Look at the lovely model with the big breasts and tiny waist … You too can look like that … All you have to do is believe and trust S.O.P. It is that easy.

WOW, you think, YES, you tell yourself,

You read on, and on, and on. You find the line, way down in the last paragraph that tells you how much payment to send to Paypal.


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