Canada so not GAI

Pull up your bootstraps ladies … Try harder .. Get a job

You could make up to $18,000 a year … Maybe even $20,000 WOW … Remember back in the old days when young women did it for $20.00 a week?

Ladies … Up off yer Arses … Get a job … Spring is here … You might try to get a job in agriculture … Spraying crops … They say there is good money to be made spraying poisons on crops … Ahhhh remember the good old days when young people would leave the Maritimes and head to Ontario to pick tobacco …

Another great Job OP ladies … A whopper of a salary in the $20 to $30 range … Oh but first you need to learn a few new skills … Hostile Interaction Management … Oh yes and Applied Behaviour Analysis … Only 40 weeks training and 8 weeks practicum … Cost? Well I guess you just sign on and tally up the cost down the road …

Any of you ladies golf? Some golfers can big. Imagine investin only $175.00 for a chance to win $25,000.00 CASH! WHOOOOOO!

You think it’s hard getting a job, do you? Hmmmmmm … You might want to try unwrapping all that sticky red goo from the other side of the fence …

Maybe you fancy yorself as a future world leader … Yes it is true … You will probably draw the green devils out of every closet in your town or city … But it might be worth it …

Paying the people or paying the Piper?


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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