Prepare for what?

… 2015 …


March 8 2015 International Womens Day all across the world.

… 2014 …

December 1-3 2014
Global AgInvesting Europe 2014

October 4 2014
International Porridge Day … Win the Golden Spurtle

October 1-2 2014
Ottawa, Canada

September 23-25 2014
Global AgInvesting Asia 2014

September 21 2014
Everywhere on the Earth
Peace Day

August 16 2014
Brownsville Oregon, USA
Eric Clapton at the Williamette Music Festival oops

August 8-31 2014
Edinburgh, Scotland

July 18-20 2014
Cleveland Ohio, USA
32nd annual Irish Cultural Festival

June 26-29 2014
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Basic Guaranteed Income Congress

June 17 2014
Where? What? Who? Is this on a Sunday?
Senior moment? What is that about a senior moment?

hmmm … When all else fails there is always music and somebody somewhere is having a birthday … So let’s celebrate

… Mr. Music …
Happy Birthday

June 7 2014
Dublin Ireland
Talk about basic guaranteed income

June 6 2014
St Paul, Minnisota, USA

Playing for Change St Paul, MN

May 19 2014
Canada welcomes Prince Charles The Prince of Wales and Lady Camilla, The Duchess of Cornwall.


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