A Journey Far Away

See you May 2015 in Gloucester County, New Brunswick, Canada


Travel Memories: I want to be far away.


What with all these Canadians heading south each winter maybe we could take a look at Canadian Parks. Do we really need to be spending a lot of money on parks that Canadians are not interested in visiting? Ask the “Snowbirds” who spend their winters in Florida. Ask the Canadians who, according to rumours, have all this cash stashed in something called “offshore accounts”.

So, why should poor taxpayers be supporting all these Parks that are not being visited because those with the money to travel are not travelling to Canadian Parks?

So why not tighten up the Canada Parks budget, trim the fat and fatten up the GAI-fund? That sneaky Guaranteed annual income keeps popping up everywhere Granny looks … Such potential, don’t you think?

Could we maybe trim some fat here?

Maybe maybe take a look at funding for bio-research. What kind of bio-research? How necessary is it? What is the point in researching ways to prolong life and at the same time considering “mercy-killing” of the elderly and infirm. Or why bother researching the prevention of miscarriages while performing abortions. If we cannot afford to provide a decent standard of living for people who are already on this earth, what is the purpose of all this bio research?

Food? Granny likes the idea of food security … Keep our food safe and healthy is what Granny always says …

Is this a Volunteer opportunity?

Is this a Volunteer opportunity?


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