There are agencies that receive budget money intended to help people find jobs for people in need.

Lots and lots of money gets poured into lots and lots of programs. Looking good? Not so! Not every person gets the help they need before the budget gets used up. It really all comes down to competition. Hardly more fair than a lottery.

Maybe all these agencies and programs need to be looked at to see exactly how many people are being helped, who is being helped and whether the recepients of this help might actually be better off receiving a GAI cheque … Remember … That guaranteed annual income the Granny keeps ranting about

Education is another area that just keeps ballooning in cost while students seem to no longer find joy in learning. Maybe if it were trimmed back to the best of the basics? … Used to be that kids went to school to learn to read, write, count and think.
Might be a bit of gristle and fat that could be trimmed away
here. … Maybe the three Rs could be brought back into focus.


Potential volunteer sites. Trim the fat and transfer the trimmings to the GAI-Fund.

#1 volunteer site for GAI recipient. Trim Fat

#2 Volunteer Opportunity site. Trim Fat

# 3 Volunteer opportunity.Trim Fat.

# 4 Volunteer opportunity. Trim Fat.

# 5 Volunteer opportunity. Trim Fat.

# 6 Volunteer opportunity. Trim Fat.

# 7 Volunteer opportunity. Volunteer with the Great Granny Gathering.

# 8 Volunteer opportunity. Help women become visible.

# 9 Volunteer opportunity.Volunteer for Peace

# 10 Volunteer opportunity Join the International Peace Movement

# 11 Volunteer opportunity Petition for peace

# 12 Volunteer opportunity Make Art for Peace


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