hmmm … the new GAI is UBI

Hmmm yes … I agree …totally … it is a bore … Get over it!

Guess what! Granny has found a new friend

Well not exactly … Not quite … Hmmm let’s say this is Granny’s new wanna-be friend … You know … The friend Granny has not yet met but would like to.

En bien!

His name is Philippe and he really got me thinking about something. He now has me wondering what I can do about all those people who are homeless … Well I suppose it is a stretch to imagine that I could do anything about “all” the homeless people. But surely I might do at least something!

One brick at a time … That is what it takes to build something. So if I start with one brick and add a second and then a third … Eventually I will have built something.

So, if I regard each piece of research as a brick …

First brick

Which brick should I select next … Ahhh decisions … Decisions … Everywhere you go … Everything you do … And how do you know if the brick is good? OK … So not every brick is perfect … But isn’t that what gives them character? Doesn’t that contribute a sense of mystery and charm? Besides, eack brick can contribute something, even if it is to help support the final structure that is being built?

Suppose one were obliged to classify bricks under a his and hers label … Would this change anything? Would the bricks be better as a result? Which would we choose when numbers were no longer important?

Brick 2 – Hers

Brick – His

Something has just occurred to me. A stack of bricks does not a home construct. What we might need is a plan of some sort.

Brick – Plan

A good plan is not static. It can be brainstormed and nudged and adapted to circumstances. A plan does not need to be written in stone. It gets built brick by brick. Sometimes its success lies in the way the courses are levelled. Sometimes it’s about the experience of the mason.

A brick for her, Philippa.

Another brick. This one is for Jason.

Another brick. One for Emily.

A brick for Stephen.

A brick for Patricia

A brick for an angel, gender unknown. And … One for a ghost. Gender? A ghost has gender?

And one for Paul

One for her.

One for Enno.

Another brick for her.

A brick in memory of Milton.

Another brick for her.

A brick for Eduardo

Another brick for her.

A brick in memory of James.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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