Thank You

For that piece of information.  Here is a message I sent today to my new friend Harold.

who was telling me about the new Canadian anti-spam law. I’d like to publically thank Harold for this information. I had no idea that I would no longer be permitted to make any new friends unless I joined Facebook or the like.

I wonder whether this new law might make it quite difficult to work on The Great Granny Gathering to be held in Gloucester County next year beginning May 1, 2015. That said, I now realize I might need a lawyer. One thing I do know from experience is that no matter how vague or convoluted or long-winded a statute or regulation, etc. one fact remains. Quote from the bench of an unknown judge:”Ignorance of the law is no excuse” Is there a lawyer out there somewhere who would be interested in volunteering with The Great Granny Gathering? If pro-Bono is not possible, perhaps some equity arrangement could be made. As much or even as little time as you could spare would be greatly appreciated. Please contact me before July 1, 2014. Anyone else interested in helping to organize for this event is also invited, either as volunteer or equity. You may contact me by email at maggiequinn at If you wish more information or wish to puchase a virtual brick please send s.a.s.e (stamped self-addressed envelope, using international postage for out-of-Canada locations) To: Attention Margaret c/o Musk Enterprises Limited P.O. Box 422 Bathurst, NB, E2A 3Z3, Canada

My message to Harold: I am really not sure what all this means. Are you a lawyer? The reason I am asking is that almost anytime I have every requested help or information from any Canadian government agency, whether it be municipal, provincial or federal the answer is usually that I should consult a lawyer. Another response I’ve received is that they cannot provide me with that information and will pass me on to another person who will pass me on to another department, who will keep passing me on until I finally give up. There are times when I actually was passed back to the person who answered my original call. Also, very often, while attempting to contact someone by telephone I have been put on hold and every few minutes receive a recorded message telling me how IMPORTANT I am to them. LOL … That used to be. I long ago gave up any expectation of help from any branch of government. I have so many stories that will remain untold because they are just too depressing. Perhaps you can appreciate how this has resulted in a loss of faith in … Whatever … I just have had so many bad experiences at every level of what I once held proudly to be my Canada. I believe the answer lies in our country moving to a guaranteed annual income or basic income or something along those lines. Simply put, I honestly believe the only way to clean up the mess is if each individual Canadian citizens should be receiving a guaranteed income instead of wasting all our taxes on all these agencies and departments that exist only to tell me how important I am, to transfer my calls or to advise me to consult a lawyer. At least then the Canadian would have a few dollars to pay for legal assistance. The way it is now, I think you can only get legal aid if you are accused of having committed some crime. Please be assured that you may continue to contact me. In case you are interested, my main interest is that every Canadian should be provided with at least enough of an income to live in a safe, healthy environment. Not one of us should find it necessary to resort to starvation or prostitution or slavery to an inefficient system that exists only for its own self- interest. I speak as a concerned law-abiding citizen. I am not expecting anyone to believe what I believe. I only ask people to seriously consider the possibility of providing Canadians living in Canada with a guaranteed income. If you would like to help me to promote this idea and get people to think and talk about it, please do so.


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