Worked Hard Today

Every second day or so Granny works hard. This time of year, weather permitting Granny works especially … Well as one of her Irish Grand-pas might have said today she worked her arse off.  Yesterday she also worked her … Well no need in being crude twice in a row now is there. So here she sits, quite exhausted and that probably explains it.

Explains what! Granny is just too tired to talk about it right now

After a night of sleep … Well now does that sound better, forward thinking and downright positive! certainly it is much better than saying … After another sleepless night …

Granny wakes and thinks about how best to explain what she was just too tired to talk about the previous evening.

Everyday Granny tries to find at least one small bit of something that will reinforce her determination that there is some good in this world … That it is not always a matter of … Life’s a b—- and then you die. For, really, that is not a good way to pass one’s days on earth.

The problem is the same old mice and men cliche … and even art needs at least a bit of planning and when all that planning and preparation turns out to have been so much wasted effort … Well even the most effervescent Granny in the world might find the fizz has gone completely … Well almost completely flat.

So why does Granny even bother trying to do art? Who knows!

When she finally succeeds, what do you suppose Granny’s art-peace will … Once again Granny has simply run out of …
But but but … There are others who will carry on.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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