St. Gabriel of the Sorrowful Virgin

Does that sound insane, or what!

Does anyone  know Ontario, North York, Willowdale, St Gabriel, Nadine Van Heuse, Bonnie NcNamara, John Kennedy, Sawchuck, Mary Trudeau, the model, Mr. Jordan, Mr. Lee, Mother Consolata, Mrs Piggott …

Does anyone remember the poem, “My Lost Youth”?

The poem is really not related to St. Gabriels except in my own mind. I forget the first name of the Sawchuck girl. I do recall, however, that she had a cousin who was some sort of famous hockey player. Bonnie McNamara was the darling ” poor little rich girl” whom we all loved dearly for her crazy pranks. Oh yes I almost forgot, Robbie Mullins whose grandpa was a retired banker and our next door neighbour.

Now I remember the first name of the Sawchuck girl … Patsy … My friend was named Patsy Sawchuck … I think she lived on Spring Garden Road, down from the school. I’ve no idea who her famous hockey-player cousin was. Does that make me a bad Canadian, not knowing names of famous hockey players?

I do recall a few more classmates, Heather Fagan and Anne Dwyer. Then there was Pat Garvin. We didn’t attend the same school, but we were best friends. I would help her deliver newspapers (The toronto Star possibly but I cannot say for sure). I would look after the route when she was away. Pat was a cousin to Robbie Mullins who lived down the street and eventually became a musician in some Toronto band whose name I don’t recall.


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