The Proof

Einstein huh? He said a lot of interesting things …

Never finished school I heard … No idea if that is true …  Didn’t he say

… Didn’t he say something along the lines of …
I know I know … “If you can’t do something right, don’t do anything at all” or maybe “If you can’t do it right then don’t do it…” No that was my mother who used to say that. Well who really cares what somebody’s mother has to say about anything. Einstein is the topic of conversation here

Well actually the topic is “The Proof” as well as Einstein I believe.

As I was saying … Before I so rudely interupted me. Is that what is called a hiccup? Did sombody’s God bless me for my hiccup? No, no, you only deserve God’s blessing when you sneeze. I guess that is because the health industry kicks in at the first sneeze and … Oh well that is another tangent isn’t it?

Back to Einstein who said “Madam, a thousand experiments can never prove me right. A single experiment may prove me wrong.”

Where is the proof?

Proof of what? Proof needs a what or a where or a why or a who or a when or a how, etc. It needs a partner in crime so to speak. So where is the proof that Einstein said these exact words?

Ever heard of a paraphrase?
But a quote is not a paraphrase, is it?

So back to Einstein. Wonder if there were many like him. Possibly not. Geniuses are pretty rare. Always have been. Never finished school huh? Wonder why? Hitler and his buddies have anything to do with this do you suppose? Perhaps not. But I don’t imagine they would … Another tangent
Now where is that elusive thought?

I heard somewhere that Hitler and his buddies had a thing about geniuses and intellectuals and … Well a whole bunch of folks who had uppity ideas and were just too fussy about certain things.

So it seems that what Hitler and his buddies did was try to starve them out by making sure they had no jobs. Were they really denied access to schools do you think?

Do you suppose it was to make sure they stamped out consciencous objectors do you think?

What else? Then they were forced out of their homes and their countries. Then they were carted off to workcamps or worse.

And there are those stories of medical experiments, that some say amounted to torture. It seems there was no informed consent.

And about the stories about the gas-chambers? Some say those stories are not true, that they are grossly exaggerated.

What is the point of quibbling about a few million, more or less or the mechanics of how they died. Even without the gas chambers, the horror was almost too much for most of us to imagine.

So what does any of this have to do with Albert Einstein?
He was one of the lucky ones who got away.

Could he spell, do you suppose? Could that be why he never finished school?

So where is the truth, if any, of all of this?

Does it really matter if a thousand tries will never bring success and a single mistake will condemn me?

So what happens when something cannot be proven one way or another? Who wins the argument in that case?


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