Partridge Game




Quiz Game Name:Partridge
Background music:A Partridge in a Pear Tree
Instrumentalists:Bodhran, fiddles, guitars, mandolins and cellos

Just in time
Do I design
A gamer’s game
For X-Mas
Imagine dearie if you will
That I’m the witch on yonder hill
Snow White once encountered
What if you refuse that pill
That leaves you incoherant
What if instead
You leave that bed
Unmade and unattended
Would our world
Fall apart
If slaves demand
Fair treatment

Picture dearie
If you will
A birch tree sits
On every hill
On every branch
Of every tree
A pear to take
For free

Every pear
Might look like gold
But underneath the skin
Lies hidden value
Or maybe not
To find out
Please reach in
Don’t get caught
Pick and choose
My dearie do
I’ve prepared this
Just for you
If you will just
Pretend to be
A partridge in
A Birch tree

Winner’s Reward: Back-stage passes or VIP tickets to concerts.
Rules:For every piece of good fruit chosen, one dollar would be collected by a player’s choice of favourite artist and/or musician and/or writer. For every piece of wormy fruit chosen the TOS owner or advertiser would pay into the fund that pays out to artists and/or musicians. This is a win-win situation for the player who collects points. Player with most points wins rewards.

Name that Pear …
Good Fruit:Intellectual property rights and Fair Use
Wormy Fruit:Slave Labour and long long TOS

Copyright 2014 MSO


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