The Blest Apostate

The Blest Apostate


The Blest Apostate

She went to all the finer schools
Did you hear them say
Those priests and nuns
They taught her well
But look at her today
Apostate is what they say
Apostate what they call her
Who will no longer pray
Saviour please dear Saviour
Pray save us her witless wit
The Apostate though
She flicks her Bic
She’s had enough of it
Copyright 2014 MSO


3 thoughts on “The Blest Apostate

  1. Maggie, I can’t always find my way on your blog. But when I sit at my desk and weerp over a lost girl in Bosnia and write a poem, I am certain that you will be there to hold my hand. I can not thank you enough.


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