Let Them Eat

Let Them Eat

Hello hello

Let Them Eat

What is your
Ethnic origin
Shhh don’t ask
Not polite
Too great a task
To mend wrongs past
Don’t let them even
Sing their songs
Lest they not
Forget those roots
Religion no
Not that either
Privacy you know
Lest they fight
For freedom
Rules the day
Or if they’d rather
Take the night
That Irish Canadian
People gather
With their own March 17
Green beer be dam—
There was nonesuch
In their youth
Or so they say
Why do they need
Their own special Day
Sense of entitlement
What’s that mean
Dunno but you must agree
Although it does sound
A bit of a bore
Maybe too important
To ignore
As it stands
Let them blend in
No more March 17
Let them not realize
Let them not prioritize
Nor eulogise
Speakers from the dock
Let them forget
About their past
Let them eat Christmas cake instead.


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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