Let Them Eat

Let Them Eat

Hello hello

Let Them Eat

What is your
Ethnic origin
Shhh don’t ask
Not polite
Too great a task
To mend wrongs past
Don’t let them even
Sing their songs
Lest they not
Forget those roots
Religion no
Not that either
Privacy you know
Lest they fight
For freedom
Rules the day
Or if they’d rather
Take the night
That Irish Canadian
People gather
With their own March 17
Green beer be dam—
There was nonesuch
In their youth
Or so they say
Why do they need
Their own special Day
Sense of entitlement
What’s that mean
Dunno but you must agree
Although it does sound
A bit of a bore
Maybe too important
To ignore
As it stands
Let them blend in
No more March 17
Let them not realize
Let them not prioritize
Nor eulogise
Speakers from the dock
Let them forget
About their past
Let them eat Christmas cake instead.


Eve of Reconstruction

Hello hello

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
Nothing to do
But sit and wonder
What it all means
That the whole
World gathers
To welcome a child
Whether it is
To begin anew
Or finally renew
And if it fails again
Have nothing to do.

And what do you think
They might do
Would they feed it
Give shelter too
In what language
Would they sing
When the child
To be born the King
Arrived on Christmas Day

Who would sing out
Those songs of love
Break the bread
Set free the Dove
What if he or she
Were not at all
Like you or me
The child born Gypsy
Rather than Jew
What would they say
About Christmas Day
Would they still pray
What would Christians say
And Muslins too
What would they do
If the child born at Christmas
Were Gypsy not Jew
…Copyright 2014 MSO

Black Friday

Is it really true George?
 … What they say about Black Friday … For instance … Everything I do from now until … Until when George? … That is the part I don’t get …
Anyway it seems that the results of my labours … My endeavours … My hard work … It is mine! All mine! I needn’t pay any taxes from now until whenever. Is that it?

Well George, I really don’t understand the whole concept.

Thick? No George. I simply don’t see how it can possibly make any difference to me. Here I am an elder artist and writer … One whose art and writings have no monetary value … Well if they did then I’d be making a living … Wouldn’t I George?  … As I was saying …

Can we get back to this George? I am busy at the moment … Trying to determine how I am going to spend my salary this month … Well I think you call it salary … Although to tell the truth George I am not sure … Is under $150 a week enough to consider a salary. Well George what I am talking about is my Elder Security check George.  

Well … Not exactly … No George I don’t know what it is called officially these days … Used to be called the Old Age Pension … Or am I getting that wrong … Well yes George I am happy to receive the check every month.  It is an affirmation that I did my time and now am able to lay back and enjoy the fruits of my labours.

Labour? Do you think George that being a housewife is not labour? 

Well yes … Labour of love … That too … 

I’m thinking about a vacuum this month George.  Well no not that one … It would take months of pension checks to pay for George. Yes George … I agree with you that I should be supporting by local business community by buying the more expensive vacuum cleaner from the local small business owner.  But look at it from the perspective of my not having any money to spend on anything else for the next several months.  

And don’t forget George! Christmas is less than a month away.  Well it is after all the short period of time that holds small local business together.  If they can make enough money  at Christmas then they are able to pay the banks the interest due on the money they have to borrow in order to stay in business for the rest of the years. 

The whole thing is a mystery to me too George.  I guess it is something best left to Economists and Accountants … Oh yes Bankers too … And yes George … Insurance Agents.

So you see George although I don’t really get this Black Friday thing and cannot really tender intelligent comments on the pros and cons of the financial world … There is one thing you must know for sure George.
I  am happy to report that I receive money  from the Canadian Government.  Yes George … Every month.

That little check might seem insignificant to you but it is mine and a lot more than I received during the years of being a stay-at-home mom when the family allowance didn’t cover the cost of … Well George let’s not talk about that right now.

Let’s just say I am appreciative. Yes … The check … That lovely little 500 $ plus a few dollars and a few cents  … Every month George … 

Yes … That lovely little greyish-brownish envelope … Is that what is meant  by a plain brown envelope George … With the  return address Matane Quebec, G4W 4N5

I love my little check from the Government of Canada.