Eve of Reconstruction

Hello hello

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve
Nothing to do
But sit and wonder
What it all means
That the whole
World gathers
To welcome a child
Whether it is
To begin anew
Or finally renew
And if it fails again
Have nothing to do.

And what do you think
They might do
Would they feed it
Give shelter too
In what language
Would they sing
When the child
To be born the King
Arrived on Christmas Day

Who would sing out
Those songs of love
Break the bread
Set free the Dove
What if he or she
Were not at all
Like you or me
The child born Gypsy
Rather than Jew
What would they say
About Christmas Day
Would they still pray
What would Christians say
And Muslins too
What would they do
If the child born at Christmas
Were Gypsy not Jew
…Copyright 2014 MSO