Cut the Crap

Give us money. BIG money.

NAP? No more NAPS. We need money.

Enough with the NAPS!




Old news is no news

Cut the Crap. Give us MONEY!

More napping stories?


Is that sleeping beauty finished with her NAP?

Where is her share of the MONEY? Well of course a Princess needs money too. So wake her up.

More old no news? MONEY

So where are the women
Do we need to show boobies to get money?

Not if you have a good job.

Oh, by the way, the policy framework idea? Pretty rickety. Besides, she can’t eat policy. GIVE MONEY!

Wouldn’t minimum wage be a better idea? Maybe only for those with jobs … Especially certain jobs.

OK, then what about Peace? Would world peace be better than an individual basic income?
I guess that would depend. Besides, why not both? Have there been any Peace & Income Meetings? Any Peace & Income Conferences?
Promise one thing. No more NAPping.
We need money. Now is the time for Basic Income Action and Basic Peace Action


Hello ... Please speak your peace ...

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