Sour Milk

Maybe it is too late.
Maybe the cash-cow
Has been out to pasture
For too long
That it has turned
So what to do about
Mad-cow in hard times.
Ask someone who was thereM

Well it looks like the old grey cash cow “ain’t what she used to be” as the song goes. Ok right song wrong animal, I agree.
So who has another solution besides cash for all?

It seems there is always barter.

So if I can figure out which cash to go to at Sobey’s or Superstore, I suppose I would just March down there with one of my artworks and exchange it for a cart of groceries.
Meanwhile, in the tradition of all those great French artists who bartered their works away, let it be known that I am open to bottles of wine, my favourite being just about any red wine from France or Romania.
Hard times calling for hard measures, as they say, I might even consider some home-made wine as long as it’s not to vinegary.


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