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  1. That word … Disabilities … Isn’t that one of those words you are not supposed to use anymore. Are you supposed to call persons in his particular group “special”? I admit to being far from expert on such matters but that is what I’ve been led to believe.

    This week while in a local doctor clinic waiting room I happened to sit next to a young man wearing the most interesting leather helmet. The wearer kept banging his fist againt the part of the helmet which covered his forehead. My curiosity got the better of me and I questioned the young man about this helmet. Obviously hand-made by an excellent crafts-person, it was too large for him and kept slipping sideways when he hit it. The older lady with him informed me that he could not hear me. A bit more conversation and I discovered a bit more. Neither could he speak or see. Apparently he had been like this since birth and although slightly over the age of thirty he had the mentality of an eighteen month old. The lady had been his foster mother for over twenty years and except for ten days off a month, she told me hers was a twenty-four seven job.
    I asked what he did for enjoyment.
    It seems his only enjoyment in life was hugging and he was quite affectionate and the only toy he would play with was a large stuffed animal.

    His name? I did ask twice but the foster mother would not answer.

    They were called into the doctor’s office and I was left wondering what sort of life was inside that helmet and whether those hands had ever held clay or play-dough.

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