Expect Respect

Expect what?
At least respect.

Expect …
Expect or hope for …
What does woman expect?
When does hope die?
When does woman realize
After years of waiting patiently
That a promise is not a guarantee.
The promise of education …
The promise of a decent job …
The promise of financial security …
The promise of justice …
Promises exchanged for votes
Promises …

Women trusted.
Women voted.
Women waited.

What can women expect?
What will women do
When they realize
At the end of the road
That the promises
Were broken.

Will women bow their heads
Docile, broken brood-mares?

Will they go silent
Into a paupers grave?

Yes man has expectations
But woman cannot speak for man.

Woman watches silently
Else she joins man.
United they are
Under yoke
As off they go
To play war games.


Canada, Impoverish, New Brunswick, Gloucester, data collection, human rights, discrimination, framework, age, language, religion


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