During the coming weeks and months this is where I will be mentioning all the wonderful people and organizations and businesses and government departments and politicians who are helping me pull together all the bits and pieces for a successful Spring Garden of Artists Festival.

So far it really is grass-roots, running on a $000.00 budget with anonymous individual artists and supporters and one lone business.

Thank you to all the anonymous people who are helping. Your support is inspiring.


Thank you Barbara for your encouraging words and for reminding me that “it just takes one”.

Thank you Karen for your enthusiasm and your suggestion for the music.

Thank you Patsy for all that printing and cutting.

Thank you Cyndi for the beautiful newsletter you produced.

Thank you in advance to whomever will follow up on an offer to help and actually help me set up a fb page to promote the contest.

Thank you Rachel for your insight into the challenge I have accepted.

Thank you Gilles for believing.

Thank you to everyone who is voting and inviting their friends to vote.