Ship Ahoy

Ship Ahoy
Well now George this is the way I see it.
Canada is one big pirate ship.
All that land? The land confiscated for highways and by-ways … Hmm that how you spell by-ways, or would you say, call it buy-ways? No matter, Buddy, you get the gist. Then there were all those tracts of land grabbed from poor farmers way way back when the railway was put through their land. Land they had paid for with blood and sweat when they settled there.

We interrupt to bring you …. The following …
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Get a good job

No George. The farmers did not steal the land from the Indians. The farmers were merely the pawns in the larger scheme of things. They were promised a better life here and had no idea, no way of knowing that the land they were allotted might have been stolen from the previous owners. So they worked their family farms for generations, improving the land from rocky scrub to rich fertile soil.

So what happened when the railway lines were shut down? The original owner-farmers were long dead. Some of them may even have lost their lands during the Great Depression. Who do you suppose benefitted from the sale of those previously confiscated lands? And what about all those tracts of forest land and agricultural land that were sold or given off to friends of friends of whichever politician had pet projects over the years? Crown land, George? Has anyone ever asked what happened to all that Crown Land and the timber and minerals? Who raped the benefits there, George? No, I did not mean reaped? Raped is what I said. Raped is the exact word I mean.
Then there was the fish, George. Remember the cod fisheries? The sly promises Canada made to Newfoundland before the Pirates came in with their rapiers? Whatever, George. You know what I mean.

That George is what I mean when I say that Canada is one big Pirate Ship.

So, what was it they used to do with all the booty at the end of a voyage? Am In mistaken or did they divy up the loot?

Do you think maybe the time has come for everyone of us to get our fair share, George?

Granny World

Well … Why not?

Isn’t Seniority what rules the world?  That’s what the Union folks 

So they say …

In Granny World
Granny rules with love.

Granny wants Democracy Is Granny going Off her Rocker? Granny better be careful. If she gets too nosy or noisy or demanding or assertive or political … The werkers might haul her away to the Seniors’ Special Care Lock-up. Will someone please warn Granny. SHE MUST LEARN TO BEHAVE HERSELF.

Granny Knits with love.

Granny tells Tales

Granny tells more Tales

Granny in the Kitchen

Granny Blogs

So … Has Granny learned her lesson? Is she being a well behaved little Granny and sitting quietly in her rocker crocheting Granny Squares to make a nice warm comforter to give away free to some good cause. Well, isn’t that how the world expects a respectable Granny to behave?

Oh dear, oh dear, there she goes again.

Granny visits Portland

Granny in Chernobyl

Granny joins Peace Brigade

Granny visits Grannies in Peru

Granny asks for Global Action

Granny wonders about Granny Pensions

Granny gets cold feet … Needs a New Quilt

Granny seeks Justice

Granny learns to Make it

Alas if Granny just can’t make it on her own. What happens then?
What will Granny do? Will Granny take up bad habits? Will Granny’s friends and family desert her? Will granny turn to a life of crime? Will Granny find a new hobby to keep her out of mischief?

Granny Pirate

Granny … the Pirate Granny

Granny sniffs … The cargo Holy Smoke

Granny goes to Prison

Granny finds new friends.

Me and My Shadow