Granny World

Well … Why not?

Isn’t Seniority what rules the world?  That’s what the Union folks 

So they say …

In Granny World
Granny rules with love.

Granny wants Democracy Is Granny going Off her Rocker? Granny better be careful. If she gets too nosy or noisy or demanding or assertive or political … The werkers might haul her away to the Seniors’ Special Care Lock-up. Will someone please warn Granny. SHE MUST LEARN TO BEHAVE HERSELF.

Granny Knits with love.

Granny tells Tales

Granny tells more Tales

Granny in the Kitchen

Granny Blogs

So … Has Granny learned her lesson? Is she being a well behaved little Granny and sitting quietly in her rocker crocheting Granny Squares to make a nice warm comforter to give away free to some good cause. Well, isn’t that how the world expects a respectable Granny to behave?

Oh dear, oh dear, there she goes again.

Granny visits Portland

Granny in Chernobyl

Granny joins Peace Brigade

Granny visits Grannies in Peru

Granny asks for Global Action

Granny wonders about Granny Pensions

Granny gets cold feet … Needs a New Quilt

Granny seeks Justice

Granny learns to Make it

Alas if Granny just can’t make it on her own. What happens then?
What will Granny do? Will Granny take up bad habits? Will Granny’s friends and family desert her? Will granny turn to a life of crime? Will Granny find a new hobby to keep her out of mischief?

Granny Pirate

Granny … the Pirate Granny

Granny sniffs … The cargo Holy Smoke

Granny goes to Prison

Granny finds new friends.

Me and My Shadow