Buzz me Scotty

The new buzzis Social Enterprise.
Money to same old I’d guess

Well you see George the way it is is the way it always was and the way it will always be
Him who got, gets more.

No no no … social entrepreneurs need not apply unless said social entrpreneurs are approved by Chambers of Commerce.
Government likes Chambers of Commerce.
I have a feeling Government does not support social enterprise unless it is connected to “same olds” like Chambers of Commerce … Proof is in the pudding.
Besides … Why not ask ACOA … Ask what they are doing to encourage social enterprise.

Art? Support of Art and Artists and musicians. Heeee heeee heee you are just too funny, George.


Downtown Bathurst Social Enterprise

Social Enterprise in Bathurst, NB

Bathurst Downtown Art & Music Co-op

Building a local/regional art/cultural co-operative environment.
Going beyond doing art purely for profit and hobby.
Past 10 months 3 days/week open to public to browse.
Discuss culture – art – social issues.

Tuesday, Friday and Saturday
10:00 to 3:00
212 St Andrew St
Bathurst, New Brunswick

Looking for partners to form art & music co-op.
In Downtown Bathurst.
To Open in Spring of 2016.
Ask Sharon about joining.