Hustle Art

Okey, so here she is … Out hustling …

Following the best advice of experts to get out there and hustle …
Taking into consideration that this is the day …

Having been told that if you are an unsuccessful artist it is your own fault because you need to approach art as a business … You need to be a hustler …

“Hustle Art” may be seen hanging in a window of a century old building at 212 St. Andrew Street, Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada. This is the civic address of a locally owned and operated business which closed recently after nearly 40 years

How long the painting remains there will depend upon several things, one of them being the quality and strength of the packing tape which is holding it in place.

For those who might be interested in this sort of thing, please consider “Hustle Art” a work in progress.

Is it for sale? Yes.

The going rate
$1.00 per square inch
For 24″x36″
Please do the math
These days of numbers
Appropriate, trusting
Skill-testing questions.

Math challanged? Does that sound right?
Price on March 8, 2015 is $864.00

A signature is extra.
Time spent
Hustling is money
As time goes on
The price will rise.

Not good? Too wimpy you think? Sigh … OK I’ll try …

This Price is not firm. IT WILL GO UP! BUY NOW FOR BEST PRICE!
How is that, George? Sound convincing, do you think?

Question:How can an artwork be both a work-in-progress as well as a piece that is finished and marketable?

Answer:the painting has been divided into 6 inch squares? … 24 of these six inch squares to be precise. The pencil markings indicate where the saw will act upon the painting and by some miracle of work, from one painting will be created 24 separate mini-paintings.

Once these smaller paintings are liberated from the one original, they will be reworked, thus making this a true work in progress. The price for these independent parts of the whole will be calculated depending upon how much time goes by before they are sold and whether a buyer agrees to pay extra for a signature on each piece.

Signed … The artist who created “Hustle Art” … Margaret Sharon Olscamp
… Let’s just think of her as The Art Hustler

Green White Orange work in Progress

June 24, 2013
Today I ponder painting … My painting … The orange green and white painting I had hoped to finish and post today.

Work in progress … That’s what it is … Work in progress … Good name for an artpiece that gets stuck somewhere between the “so inspired” and “don’t quite get it” stage … that space where the little voice begins to niggle and you wonder whether this one is any good … Whatever “good” means.

Good enough? For what? Compared to what?

Cups and saucers

Cups and saucers

That the expression “oh you are so talented” might make an artist squirm isn’t unusual and the squirming does not necessarily mean the artist is modest and awkward about accepting compliments.

Talented is simply not the best word to use.

Why? Because an artist’s work is just that … Work! That the artist might actually enjoy the work is something else.

So much of art is really about seeing and working … Stepping back and looking again … perhaps from a new angle … trying to communicate what is seen … Reworking the art … re-aligning an image over and over both in the mind and on the canvas.

I am doing just that sort of reworking on the painting I started last week, the one I thought I could quickly finish in a day. A new week has begun and I am still struggling … Ahh … work in progress … Now there is a useful expression.

Now if I can just learn to accept my limitations … Learn to overlook the implication of “talent contest” every time I hear the word “talent” and be brave enough to paint my own unique vision … Well like the song goes,
“Everything is gonna be alright”.

Meanwhile here is my green and white and orange work in progress …